Preturi Mici Rezistente D8X60mm de CALITATE

Preturi Mici Rezistente D8X60mm de CALITATE

Preturi Mici Rezistente D8X60mm de CALITATE. Both the design and the component of the best quality materials from which they are made offer performance and reliability. The manufacturing technology as well as the specialized personnel of the heating elements had the effect of reducing the energy consumption. On average, it has decreased by up to 40% compared to other traditional heaters on the market. This aspect also leads to an increase in service life because the electrical resistance is no longer overloaded.

TEHNOCOM LIV DISTRIBUTES la Preturi Mici Rezistente D8X60mm de CALITATE

The resistant cartridges from TEHNOCOM LIV use a patented design with the best quality steel sheath. The shape of the heater together with the mounting paste based on silver-plated copper allows the heater to expand and contract. When powered, it provides maximized heat transfer due to airtight contact with the hole. Good heat transfer means low energy consumption. This translates into maintaining the temperature reference point while reducing operating costs.


The construction of the electric heaters from Tehnocom Liv eliminates all the problems that are commonly found in conventional heating cartridges. Tehnocom Liv has continuously developed highly specialized business relationships and production techniques. one of them is the compaction of the MgO dielectric. This is high quality close to its maximum density around the heating spring. This increases the dielectric strength and heat transfer away from the coil. In conclusion, it has the effect of a significantly longer life of the heater.

TEHNOCOM LIV heating cartridges last up to 5 times longer than conventional cartridge heaters. This means reducing downtime to replace them. It also has the effect of maintenance or operating costs. TEHNOCOM LIV Heating Cartridges also shrink when de-energized, eliminating hole gripping and the need for expensive drilling. To benefit from their performance, call us at 0723-257,528 or order directly from our website. Online orders take precedence!