Cartridge Heaters On-line D16x40mm

Cartridge Heaters On-line D16x40mm

Cartridge Heaters On-line D16x40mm, introduction. As a leading global supplier, TEHNOCOM LIV has always opted for innovation and efficiency whenever service is concerned. With its highly popular mobile phone app which has been developed in-house and continuously expanded. TEHNOCOM LIV are manufacturer of cartridge heater for standard mould units. This product offers mouldmakers, technicians, designers, buyers, teachers, students and pupils numerous possibilities for simplifying mould construction. The fitting accuracy, reliable quality and short delivery times support the fast and efficient design and manufacture of complex moulds.

Cartridge Heaters On-line D16x40mm by TEHNOCOM LIV

The TEHNOCOM LIV app has now been extended by an innovative tool. The new heating cartridge calculator enables fast and simple calculation of the required power to heat mould plates or other applications. By entering individual parameters, the required heating power for different materials can be calculated quickly and easily according to the required heating-up time. The tool is geared specifically to the proven heating cartridges.

The tried-and-tested functions and tools include: Material Selection, Hardness Value Conversion, ISO tolerances for shafts and holes. A tool for the layout and dimensioning of Locking Cylinders, and a Thread Tool for recognising the thread pitch, along with the outside, core and flank diameters. With the Cutting Data Calculator, milling data such as feed, rotational speed and cutting volume can be individually determined.

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