Infrared lamps Type JHM Manufacture TOSHIBA

Infrared lamps Type JHM Manufacture TOSHIBA

Infrared lamps Type JHM Manufacture TOSHIBA, Introduction. TOSHIBA new PULSAR lamps, HYBRID infrared, are the fast-response short & medium wave infrared heater and can be switched on and off within few seconds, converting more than 85% of input power into infrared heat bto meet the voice of professional users. The HYBRID infrared matches to drying process for surface and/or thin materials in plastic, textile, automotive, printing industry and numerous industrial processes. Infrared emitters transfer the energy into the product without contact and generate the heat exactly where it is needed.

TOSHIBA new PULSAR lamp benefits

TOSHIBA new PULSAR lamp is state of the art and compprises finely coiled tungsten filament surrounded by a sealed quartz tube. Thanks to halogen gas cycle inside sealed quatrz tube, PULSAR realizes:

  • Long life 5000h on average
  • High power density up to 71W/cm
  • HYBRID color temperature around 1800 Kelvin around 1500ºC see picture
  • Emitting HYBRID infrared waveband from short to medium wave at 1,6µm peak wavelength
  • Drying and curing of coatings, forming, embossing, laminating, joining, welding, browning, heating, preheating and germ reduction
  • High heat transfer capacity and Contactless energy transfer
  • Adaptation of the optimal wavelength and adaptation to the shape of the products
  • Fast response times